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Related Links
Hifi Audio Labs

Below are some links to maufaturers, kit plans and general DIY info!! Have a link drop a line with the link and I will add it!

Loudspeaker LAB measurement and design software. Download your free demo today!!

Solen - Kit plans, driver specs

Orca Design - Plans, driver specs.

Zalytron - Kits, plans, US parts dealer

Speaker Builder - Plans, useful DIY info

Madisound - Discussion board, US parts dealer

Transmission Line speakers - Plans and useful TL information.

Old Colony Sound - Books,magazines,software, and tools for the DIY'er.

Parts Express - Discount drivers and surplus parts.

The Parts Connection - A source for highend caps and inductors as well as tube related parts.

JPO's Speakerbuilding List- The most comprehensive list for the DIY'er.