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Hifi Audio Labs

A few of the kits we offer.

Check back soon for a large list of kits we offer, complete with plans, all free!

All kits include drivers, crossover parts,internal wiring, terminals, spikes, grille cloth (black), grille snaps, grille frames and detailed plans. They DO NOT include enclosures! Free email support, and free advice.

Don't see it hear? Don't worry these are just a few we like! We can assemble a kit for any design we have or you bring us!

We now offer three types of pre-fab enclosures. They come in three different sizes, are made from 3/4" MDF with a 1.5" baffle. They are unfinished (sanded), holes can be cut if needed for no charge. They enclosures are built with dadoed butt joints and braced.

12L Vb, 15"x8"x11", unfinished MDF $150.00

22L Vb, 21"x8"x13", unfinished MDF $200.00

60L Vb, 42"x9.5"x13.5", unfinished MDF $250.00

Speaker Kits

Aria 7 - This is our favourite. 37Hz-22kHz, very well balanced, great HT and audiophile speaker. Many different enclosure options.

Price per pair - $1195.00
Price per pair - $1345.00 (shielded)
Price per pair - $2245.00 w/ TLR tweeter
Transmission line add $300.00


Focal Center - Perfect match for the Aria 7. Shielded 3-way center. 45Hz-22kHz. Also our reference! Two (2) 7K4411 woofers flanking a 5K4411 and TC90tdxB.

Price each - $845
Price each - $1445 w/ TLR tweeter


Subwoofer One - 10" Peerless XLS woofer in a PR enclosure. 35L enclosure, F3 20Hz.

Price with KG5230 - $750.00
Price without KG5230 - $325.00

More kits to come. Photos too!