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Tips and Troubleshooting
Hifi Audio Labs

Experience is the best teacher...

Here is where we share some tips, tricks and techniques for making professional looking and great sounding speakers easier!

Loudspeaker Lab Demo

Download your free demo of this incredible, speaker design and measurement system.

Loudspeaker Lab Demo

Flush mounting

Flush mounting your drivers is necessary to obtain that professional look and in most cases to reduce the diffraction effect. It can be quite easy with round drivers, but much more difficult with odd shaped drivers (Focal, Accuton, Raven, some Peerless). View a preview of our paper on flush mounting these types of drivers accepted by Speaker Builder.

Click here for file

Subwoofer Set-up

So you just built your first sub, now comes the fun part, determining the best location, crossover point, level, etc... This link takes you to the best article I have seen on setting up a subwoofer with little more than a few CD's!

Subwoofer set-up

Peerless Box Designer

Freeware with most of Peerless' 5 6.5 and 8" woofers and box simulatior. Very cool and quite good!

PeerBox Zip (400KB)

PCB Layout From a Printer

This page has instructions for doing a PCB layout from your computer printer to a copperboard to the etch tank! Tried it and it works!

Easy PCB

Please feel free to contribute your own tips - I'll post the best ones so everyone can see them. Just drop an email and I will post!